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Freedom First Coffee is a gourmet coffee coffee company that prides itself in holding ourselves to the highest standards. Whether it's our customized blend of organic coffee beans, our unique techniques in fire roasting our beans in Victorian Era Roasters or simply the fact that we roast our coffee in the heartland of the United States of America, we are a company that only provides the best quality and value.

Co-Founders Jeff Dornik and JD Rucker are two pro-America patriots who decided to use the principles of the America Dream and Capitalism to set a new standard within the coffee industry.


Sure, there's plenty of competition out there. There's the big chains that are dominated by the Left. There's even some great conservative brands out there that are worth supporting. However, we've combined the best quality with our pro-America ideals to create the perfect brand that you can feel excited to support!

Image by Samuel Branch
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